• Russia’s saucer of crazy


Back in the Cold War days, when the United States was feverishly facing off all around the globe with the Soviet Union, we were always hearing whispers about flying saucers that actually were secret warplanes.

Our black ops researchers aren’t saying much about what actually went on then, not about the Soviet weaponry or our own. However, Pravda, the “official” government newspaper we never trusted then but might as well now because, as you may know, pravda is the Russian word for truth, has decided to tell the world what had been going on.

Photos of the aircraft shown above have been posted on the newspaper’s Web site. On the home page, the headline was blunt and forceful:

USAF designed flying disk
to bomb Soviet Union

Clicking on that verbiage took me to a series of photos and this news brief:

Secret documents, declassified since 1997, reveal development of a USAF “forty foot ‘flying saucer’ designed to rain nuclear destruction on the Soviet Union from 300 miles in space.”

The American saucer was called the Lenticular Reentry Vehicle (LRV).

According to the documents the bomber was designed by engineers at North American Aviation in Los Angeles under contract with the United States Air Force. The project was managed out of Wright-Patterson AFB, utilizing German engineers who had worked on WWII German rocket planes and flying disc technology.

The unique craft would have landed much like a space shuttle, re-entering the atmosphere and gliding to a landing on a dry lake, utilizing skids, instead of heavier wheeled landing gear.

I found this all very interesting and was beginning to think the journalists at Pravda had actually begun to produce a true newspaper. Until, that is, I took a look at the headlines on other stories. A sampler:

• Doctors do wonders with amputated penis
• Alien and human skulls found on Mars
• Doctors grow man’s micro-penis on his arm
• Large brothel for gay pedophiles found in St. Petersburg
• Bad girls are fun in sex, but boring in family life
• Healthy diet of Russian cosmonauts ruins NASA’s space toilets
• FBI proudly arrests Santa Claus and Easter Bunny
• Foul language leads to impotence
• Men become impotent because of women’s bare legs
• Invisible poisonous skyfish fly at 300 km/h all around us
• Women rape men when they have no one to have sex with
• Atlantis found under Antarctica
• Man marries Thai prostitute who turns out to be former man later
• Creatures living deep under Earth’s surface came from space

Those really are the Pravda headlines. You can’t make this stuff up.

Then again, maybe you can.


About Bill Dowd

Webmaster/social media coordinator for the Southern Rensselaer County NY Rotary Club.

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