• Nice, Tatas


India is the second most populous nation on Earth. That creates a whole array of problems. An erratic transportation system and a substandard living for many of its people are just two.

Today, Tata Motors took aim at those woes by introducing the world’s cheapest car, the Nano. It has a two-cylinder engine, a four-speed manual transmission but no air conditioning, electric windows or power steering. The initial cost will be about $2,000, although some upgraded versions will be available for more. The Nano is about 10 feet long, and has a top speed of 65 mph.

Deliveries will begin in early July, with a drawing to select 100,000 people to be the first to get the Nano, according to the folks at Tata, commonly referred to as Tatas.

No word yet on whether the Nano service center calls will be handled by out-of-work Detroit autoworkers now looking for something to do.


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