• This be a nize site

I enjoy trolling through the Internet to find sites that keep me up to date on cultural news and fads. So, when I came across Urban Hustler, I was anxious to give it a whirl.

I quickly realized that, while it may be a visually attractive site, it is in dire need of someone who knows a little something about the English language. I’m not talking about slang, but just basic grammar and punctuation. A few examples:

• “Grammy Award-winning producer and artist, Dr. Dre’s cognac and vodka brands is set to hit liquor stores in the next 60 days … .”

Cognac and vodka brands “is”? Plurals, as we learned in first grade, require “are.” And, by the way, you don’t begin a sentence with a dependent clause.

• Headline: “Is Your Savings Protected?”

Yes, they be.

Headline: “Oprah Winfrey Get’s Richer”

So rich, I assume, she has extra apostrophes to throw around carelessly.

• “Oprah Winfrey, Americas richest black person … “

Apparently we are two nations as some politicians say. By the way, the Urban Hustler editors could take the unnecessary apostrophe from the headline and put it between the “a” and the “s” in “Americas” and have two correct items at no cost.

Headline: “Bill Gates Regains Worlds Richest Crown”

That apostrophe thing again. It’s “world’s.”

“Bill Gates has regain his position as the world richest person from pal Warren Buffet.”

“Has regain”? “World richest person”? This is pathetic.

I could go on. believe me. These examples are just from the home page. Another bit of support for the argument that, while everyone can be her/his own publisher these days, not everyone offers quality. The people who run Urban Hustler should be thoroughly embarassed.


About Bill Dowd

Webmaster/social media coordinator for the Southern Rensselaer County NY Rotary Club.

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